Bethesda's Space RPG STARFIELD (Maybe) Getting Revealed at E3 - "Leaked" Elder Scrolls VI Details

A leaker "revealed" details about the future Bethesda games!


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Starfield, Bethesda's new Space RPG might be getting revealed at E3. The "leaker" also reveals info regarding both Fallout 5 and Elder Scrolls 6 which is apparently gonna be in Akavir.
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Hello my dear beautiful bastards, it is time to speculate and create hype for no good reason other than channel relevancy once the games in question come out. The other day a person claiming to be a Bethesda leaker, something that is hilarious on its own, „revealed“ Bethesda's plans for E3 and the future of their most popular IP, Elder Scrolls.

We've known for years that Bethesda filed a trademark for Starfield, both for a video game and a mobile game. They also said that they are working on the biggest mobile game project ever. The immense success of Fallout Shelter along with the Fallout Pip-boy app is a clear indication that Bethesda is interested in the mobile market and wants to expand into it. So logically, Starfield is going to be a classic Bethesda game with a strong presence in the mobile market, possibly with both a separate game and an app that connects to the video game. The Bethesda promo image shows 2 areas under construction and most people assumed it was for the sequels of Wolfenstein and The Evil Within. We have a reason to believe the game is going to be called The New Colossus thanks to this image and we know that the developers are working on the game. The construction area makes sense because the crane and boarded up section could indicate a city is being built and the new game will likely take place in New York due to the fact that New Colossus is a poem located at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The other game under construction is  guessed to be The Evil Within 2 because it was confirmed that a sequel will come and it has been 3 years already since the release of the first game. The construction site seems a bit strange for a game such as The Evil Within. It has a sign saying Pardon Our Dust and the blue and green colors which don't really fit into a horror theme. We know that a thing called Cosmic Dust exists which is simply dust that exists in outer space. Now of course, it could mean The Evil Within is going to have some sort of psychological space adventure within the mind of the protagonist and we're gonna ride the cosmic dust but given the existence of the Starfield trademark and the rumors around it, makes me believe that this is in fact what will be revealed while The Evil Within 2 will be reserved for next year. But maybe they're gonna reveal all of it, the leaker did say that The Evil Within 2 is within the E3 plans.

Now onto the Bethesda leaker and more of his information. Apparently this is a person who only heard rumors about the publisher but works for the game studio so he mostly talked about Starfield and the new Elder Scrolls.

Starfield is supposed to be the big announcement alongside Fallout 4 VR and it is supposed to be a space RPG in the style of Bethesda. It is going to have space travel, hub worlds, random worlds and a silent protagonist. The random worlds will have a form of settlement building that will be quite advanced coompared to the shit that Fallout 4 has. Since Todd took a lot of inspiration from Minecraft to add the settlement building, it does make sense that he wants both randomly generated worlds and building within them, just hopefully not shit. Apparently build entire colonies and cities in space is the general idea here, mostly to test what they wanna do in Elder Scrolls 6.

The idea for the game apparently started back when Fallout 3 was released. The end of Fallout 4's DLC marked the beginning of full production of this title which does make sense because Bethesda said exactly that and that is how things work in the game industry. Now the question comes whether one year of full time production is enough to actually release such a game but if it was slowly being developed for 6 years then perhaps one year of hardcore development is enough to complete the project. The game will feature 5 to 10 races and most of them will be humanoid. An elf-like race is also being considered but likely as an easter egg to hint at the Elder Scrolls universe rather than making it playable.

The game will have 12  well designed companions that can be romanced alongside many other generic ones and there will be no limit on the amount of romantic relationships you can have.

It seems like they have the idea to connect all 3 of Bethesda's worlds together. Fallout being the beginning of the timeline, Starfield in the middle and Elder Scrolls in the distant future. I'm sure this is not going to be a real thing because it just makes no sense and a lot of people will be very upset. I can understand the easter eggs such as the Nirnroot in Fallout 4 but any actual implementations of serious storylines that connect across the games will just not be good. Just don't do it and we're just not gonna talk about it.

The leaker mentioned that Bethesda is also working on a Game of Thrones game which sounds pretty fuckin amazing and it does make sense if we remember Todd Howard and the interviews where he says how they're working on some incredible things.

Now onto the Elder Scrolls 6 which is going to break the internet once it comes. The game is supposed to be called The Elder Scrolls VI: Akavir, which is also apparently a wordplay with the V and I letters in Akavir. You're a prisoner sent on an imperial colonial ship to the continent of Akavir. You will have settlement building which will be highly advanced and allow you to build entire colonies on that continent. The game will have all the old races plus 4 new and one of them is supposed to be the first Asian race in the series. The other 3 are monkeys, snakes or parasites and tigers. The leaker mentions that the story might lean towards the Dwemer which greatly excites me because the Dwemer are my favorite people within the lore of the Elder Scrolls. The Dwemer will plan an invansion on Tamriel in a pocket dimension and it is going to have flintlock pistols and other steampunk elements because of them. It really does sound plausible and more importantly, likeable. It is very important for me to like these games because you guys can probably notice when I make a video playing a game I don't particularly like. It is actually very difficult for me to completely sell out so I'm hoping that all of this is true because I like Game of Thrones and the Starfield and Akavir ideas.

The only thing I don't like is the fact that they are still using the Creation Engine. I understand that they are able to update it, make it more stable and that mods highly depend on people's ability to use the Creation Kit but it's old as fuck. Switching to a new engine will require a new modding kit and all modders will need to learn it all again which does suck but again, my concern is the age of the engine itself. How can you continue updating an engine for 30 years without making an actual new, updated version of it. We will likely end up with somewhat okay games that will require 100 mods to become amazing as usual. I can't really blame them because the modding community is always active and willing to create. I guess all we can do is hope that the base games will be stable enough and include actual rpg elements instead of being brainless shooters like Fallout 4.

Furthermore, the leaker briefly touched on the topic of a voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 and how it was a mistake that won't happen again. Todd Howard did mention in an interview that he is aware how the dialogue wasn't done properly, mostly because they simply didn't have time time or money to actually implement it properly because voicing a character takes a lot of fucking time.

I'm glad that this seems to be the way because Bethesda games are supposed to have random strangers who become our characters over time. Having a person with a history and family and voice completely ruins the RPG element of the game and while Fallout 4 was a great commercial success, I'm not really sure having a voiced protagonist was the reason. It is a great shooter with a lot of very good action but the voiced protagonist completely crippled their ability to add proper RPG elements into it.

We will see if any of this is true at E3 which will take place in Los Angeles starting with the EA press conference on June 10th. The Bethesda one will happen the next day at 9PM pacific time.

Thank you for watching and make sure to let me know what do you think about these leaks in the comments.

I have been Petard your glorious lord and may the blessings of Petardia eternally touch your butt.

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