Combat Skills Details, Sword Breaker Enemy, Release Delay - Shadow of War Skill Tree and Gameplay

Combat Skills Details, Sword Breaker Enemy, Release Delay - Shadow of War News


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 Shadow of War has a new release date, we get to see the combat skills details and meet the Sword Breaker enemy! Not a lot of new Shadow of War gameplay but enough to keep us going! ►Playlist: ► Support Petard on Patreon:

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Conquer Fortresses and dominate Mordor from within. Experience how the award-winning Nemesis System creates unique personal stories with every enemy and follower, and confront the full power of the Dark Lord Sauron and his Ringwraiths in this epic new story of Middle-earth.

In Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™, nothing will be forgotten.


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Hello my dear beautiful bastards and welcome to a quick update to Shadow of War. The game has been delayed for an October 10th release with the reasoning being additional polish and bug fixing but I do believe a few more reasons helped. The fact that Gamescom is taking place at the same time as the original release and that the Xbox One Scorpio is releasing shortly after the delayed release, leads me to believe that these were partial reasons as well. Either way, this means that I will likely go to Gamescom now to play the game early and hopefully bring you more gameplay and details before it releases.

In other news the recent livestream revealed the combat skills from the skill tree that got accidentally shown the last time. I feel like they didn't really plan to do this but did it anyway since it really can't hurt, everyone is eager to find out how the skill distribution works and hate for this game does not exist so it is relatively easy to reveal more information, at least if you ask me.

Before we go into the combat skills, please remember that you can only have one child skill active per each parent skill. This means that even if you unlock all of the skills, you cannot use all of them as well. You will need to choose based on your desired play style or depending on what you need to do to overcome certain enemies. This was done to prevent you from being overpowered and to allow you to customize the way you play the game to your liking.

The first combat skill is Execution which, upon reaching the max amount of Might, allows you to execute the enemies. This is also something new in the game, the Might bar now represents executions instead of the hit counter. The counter still exists but this has been added as a way to manage executions from now on. The first child skill is Grim Resolve which gives you Might every time someone damages you in combat. This allows you to gain Might if you play like an absolute ass and you can save yourself by executing those that give you trouble, unless the amount of hits that land kill you before the Might bar gets filled. The second skill is Secret Might that fills up your Might bar with each new undetected kill. This is designed for stealth players and for those who wish to have the upper hand by engaging enemies from stealth because your might bar will immediately grow as the battle gets initiated. The final available child skill is Fatal Might that allows you to build up your Might very fast with sword slices but you cannot miss attacks or get damaged because that will reset it. Basically the goal is to perform a combination of attacks, fill up the Might very quickly and use the execution before you get hit, designed for fast and skilled players eager of violence.

The next skill is the Perfect Counter that allows you to perform different actions in case you time your counter right. With no child skills, your perfect counter will just knock enemies down but if you upgrade it with the Rain of Arrows, you will get an additional Elf-shot. If you go with Mighty Reversal, you get Might with each perfect counter. The final one, called Fatal Counter, lets you execute enemy grunts as soon as the counter happens. This cannot be done against Captains or Beasts but it is a very effective way of getting rid of enemies, if you are able to press a button at the right time. Pressing the buttons correctly will be reasonably important in Shadow of War so button mashing doesn't seem the way to go anymore, unless you want to die like a bitch constantly.

Next set of skills relates to the Critical Strike which allows you to output extra damage during certain hits. The first child skill is Reprisal which lets you have more critical hits as your health gets lower. Unstoppable increases your Critical Strike chance once your Hit streak goes above 30 and finally Elven Precision that requires pressing a button correctly for a greater chance to critically strike. It is another set of options that let you choose how you wish to play. If you constantly get hit and play like a sack of shit then Reprisal is best for you but if you are capable then either one of the remaining two is going to greatly help you.

The next skill is related to Ground Finishers. The main skill decreases the time it takes to do the executions while the child skills give you additional options as usual. Fury is the first one and it is well known by most because you beat the shit out of the enemy before killing him. It also builds up Might with each hit. The Wraith Shield seems very cool and gives you protection from enemies hitting you while performing the execution. Celebrimbor manifests himself and stops the incoming attack. The third one is Ground Drain that lets you drain the enemy instead of killing them. Not only that but Drain now replenishes your health in addition to making the enemy friendly so by using this ability you can very quickly get a lot of friendlies in the battle.

The next skill is my favorite one, the Brutal Aggression that lets you double-charge the Might and do a special type of execution which will create terror on the battlefield. One is the Wraith Execution that lets Celebrimbor dash around and execute enemies with no effort whatsoever and the second one is Ceaseless Might. This skill lets you keep a portion of your Might when using abilities that require it. Normally, every time you use a skill that needs Might, it will use all of it but with this skill, that will not be the case. Wraith Execution is something we've seen before and it definitely seems very powerful and convenient because you can actually start a battle with this, if you have saved up your Might. Getting rid of potentially unstable enemies first is a good way to avoid dying.

The final skill relates to the Last Chance ability. The main skill allows you to instantly kill the enemy with a perfect Last Chance and it doesn't apply to Captains, graugs or drakes. The first child skill is called Adamant and it gives you an additional Last Chance attempt. The game will display the amount of Last Chances that you have and please do keep in mind that some enemies will have a trait that will not let you have any Last Chances with them so if they lower your health to zero, you will immediately die. The second child skill here is the Vengeful Drain that lets you turn your attacker on your side and it also brings back all of your health. The final one is called Burst of Might and as you might imagine, it fills up your Might and lets you immediately use Might on the enemies around you. Timing perfect Last Chances isn't gonna be easy so the choice you make here probably won't matter if you play like shit, which will probably be the case for most of us.

Another thing that was showcased was a Sword Breaker enemy. Apparently, some enemies, upon killing us, will also break our weapon. This will result with the weapon being lost and the enemy in question growing in power. Once we face that same enemy again and kill them, we will get the weapon back but it will be stronger, possibly with more traits. It is a very cool feature that can make you very angry and create a personal problem with a specific enemy. I hope that there is a lot more of this type of stuff in the game, where the relations between us and the Nemesis bastards can get very personal and irritating.

The stream was relatively short because Monolith is preparing for E3 and lots of things are happening so this is all we got to see but it is nice that we are finally getting into the skill tree that appears to be quite massive with a lot of customizable skills and options to play with.

Thank you for watching and don't forget to check out the Shadow of War Discord that I will be linking in the comments. I have been Petard your glorious lord and may the blessings of Petardia eternally touch your butt.



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