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 Monolith had the first Shadow of War gameplay livestream where they showcased the full Fort Assault of Nurn and a bunch of new orc quotes! They also accidentally revealed the skill tree that shows us what the majority of skills will be. ►Playlist: ► Support Petard on Patreon:


Hello my dear beautiful bastards and welcome to the very first time we get to see actual uninterrupted gameplay of Shadow of War. Of course I will interrupt it myself in this video because that's just what I do but if you wish to see the entire gameplay session, make sure to check out the link below.

Jared and Mike were in the company of Ellie, their best Shadow of War player who played the Nurn fort assault at medium difficulty at about half way through the story, with Talion being level 26. This particular build is something slightly older and this is what the press had the chance to play last week when they visited Europe. I believe that a similar updated demo will be available for the press at E3 so we can probably expect another gameplay session after that event.

Since we got to see the entire fort assault process we now know how it all works. The front of the fort will have a mission marker that starts the assault but before that happens we can go to the army screen and figure out a plan. All of the captains and warchiefs will be in the fort during the attack, both allied and enemy ones. It will be normal to spend many years in the army screen figuring out what to do and how to do it because the orcs will have strengths and weaknesses that will be crucial in determining the outcome of the battle.

The best thing to do first is decide who is gonna be our bodyguard. The bodyguard should probably have strengths that counter the overlord because we should only call for him during that final battle but it is important to keep in mind that the bodyguard will still appear in the assault and he will fight. If he dies during battle, we will not have a bodyguard to call. This is what actually happened to them in the livestream. I think that is a very cool thing to have because you kinda have to be close to him and make sure he survives the initial attack so he can help you out when facing the overlord. The selection is as simple as pressing a button and confirming the orc as a bodyguard.

The next step is selecting the siege upgrades. I have talked about this topic quite a bit in the previous video so I will focus on only the new things that we've been shown. The right side shows the fort defenses and we can see that it has stone walls, an iron gate, savage hosts and poison siege beasts. The amount of defenses seems to correspond to the amount of warchiefs we have unlocked but I assume that that is just convenience. I doubt that a level 300 fort is going to limit itself to our capabilities.

The offensive upgrades do include the curse siege beasts that I assumed were a thing in my previous video and the 4th warchief that is unlocked can bring a particular beast to the fight. It can bring spiders called Shelob's Brood. Shelob is a Great Spider from the Lord of the rings universe and apparently we can spawn her little kids to murder the enemy orcs. We can bring a war graug which is a tame beast that we can ride as soon as the battle starts and a wild drake which is a neutral beast that flies over the battlefield and needs to be broken in order for us to ride it. In case the fort is feral, it will be possible to have several drakes in the air at the same time and have them all fight against each other which does sound pretty amazing. Then, the battle begins.

Overlord speech

Once the battle begins, the very first move seems to be targeting the little explosive things on the enemy siege beasts that weaken them. The next move is jumping onto our own siege beast and launching the cursed balls onto the enemies. In this case the other side was stacked with our spiders that made sure all of the enemies stood still so the projectiles were a very convenient way of smashing them to death. Unfortunately, our siege beast got hit by an enemy boulder which destroyed the mechanism but the graug was still alive. Jumping on the graug and running around looked pretty amazing so I'm just gonna let that happen now.

Graug on graug battle

Once we got off the graug, we can see that we can dominate the friendly orcs that are bleeding to death. We are able to banish them, tell them to retreat or make them stay and fight. This is a pretty good way of managing the allies, especially if it is an orc that we dearly love. Basically the options translate to, I don't want you in my family anymore, Go to your room, or Sit down and let's have a talk.

Now a broken enemy shows similar options, we can do a wedgie, call him out in front of the class or tell him to come to our party.

The battle continued and it is interesting to see that Ellie almost died, she had to use the quick time event to save herself and she is one of the most experienced players of the game so far. I assume playing on Hard will indeed be a great challenge to most, besides death is encouraged so more enemies can evolve and get stronger which will in turn give us more reasons to do more things in the game in order to overcome them.

Now comes the moment when our assigned bodyguard dies but in his death, a rune for our ring comes to life. Not only that but his name is ingrained in the rings statistics for all eternity so his death is not for nothing.

Next we see the glaive in action which is pretty amazing. Swinging it all over the place seems satisfying and powerful, especially while mounting a caragor. It is also pretty cool seeing the caragor get infected with poison and slowly dying from it, the visual effect is very fitting if you ask me, it looks like he is covered with rotten cheese that smells like my feet.

After capturing all victory points, the remaining warchiefs need to be killed in order for the door towards the overlord to collapse. In my previous video I thought that it would be possible to enter and fight the overlord without defeating all of the warchiefs but I guess that's not a thing. I have nothing to say so here's the entire overlord battle in all its glory.

Once the overlord is dead and we set the new overlord in charge, we can also check out the weapon that we got for defeating him. Remember that any item you do not pick up during the assault, will be automatically added to your inventory upon the successful end of the battle. The most interesting thing about this weapon is the set bonus where we will periodically explode if we get set on fire. Sounds like a Michael Bay kind of a bonus.

The way the fort was conquered isn't the only way because we are able to mark the enemy warchiefs and kill them before the assault. This is done by marking them in the army screen and then visiting a marker on the map that starts the mission. It is very similar to how it worked in the first game where you simply have to lure him out by either getting to a specific spot or defeating specific enemies. As you can see, the fort is explorable at any time and we can fight within it without being in the actual assault. Many people have been commenting how we haven't seen any of the open world gameplay but they fail to understand that everything is open world and you can go anywhere at any time. They've been showcasing the fort assaults the most because that is a very big and different addition to the game, at least compared to the rest. This is also where they die on purpose so we can see the time shift and how everything changes.

They had another quick assault where they showcased how the battle with the overlord can be simply repeated if you die. You don't have to do the entire assault again but if you die again, that will give the enemies enough time to level up and reorganize the fort which will require you to do all over again.

Another thing that they accidentally showed is the skill tree. It didn't really reveal much, only the categories and something called Secret and Fatal Might. There are 120 skills which means that Talion can probably go up to level 120. That also makes sense because the orcs are limited to level 60 so double of that is quite logical.

We could try and assume what the skills are. The combat one could be Executions, Critical Strike, Some sort of Combat Master, Swift Finisher, Terrifying execution and Last Chance ability.

The Predator skill tree is known thanks to one of the livestreams and you can check out my take on that video as well.

The ranged skill tree could be: Detonate, Freeze Pin, Mid air shot, Quick draw and Shadow Chain.

Wraith one could be: Throwing daggers, Elven light, Some sort of wraith flash maybe and Combat Brand.

Mounted one: Summon caragor, summon graug, summon armored caragor, Shadow Mount and Summon Drake.

The story skills could be: Drain, Glaive, Elven Wrath, Double jump, Summoning Gondorians and the final one could have something to do the arena battles maybe.

There are plenty of sub skills that are locked so I'm looking forward to seeing what they are.

That's all from me and this glorious livestream that showed us some real gameplay for the first time. I'm hoping we will see more in the future so I can make more videos and keep myself from withdrawals.

Thanks for watching and make sure to check out the full livestream, it is quite decent.

I have been Petard your glorious lord and may the blessings of Petardia eternally touch your butt.

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