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Shadow of War NEW GAMEPLAY - Nurnen Fort Assault



That was Thrak the spear master who is the overlord of the Nurnen fort and thanks to Gamespot, we've gotten a few new moments of gameplay about it so hello my dear beautiful bastards and welcome to more Shadow of War.

Right after Thrak's speech, we see Ur-Benu who has the title of a dwarf hater. We haven't heard anything about dwarves yet but it is likely that we will encounter them in story missions and that this particular olog has a strength related to dwarves but we've only seen one of his weaknesses which is called Beast Fodder. It is a bit strange to see an epic beastmaster being vulnerable to beast attacks but perhaps he developed this weakness over time because as we know, all enemies will adapt over time, especially if they participate in battles that change their lives. As a reminder, vulnerability means that he is heavily damaged using the mentioned method.

Next we see the siege upgrade screen properly for the first time. We already know that we can bring 6 warchiefs to an assault and in this video, 4 of them are available. Each warchief, depending on his type, will be able to bring 3 upgrades with himself to the assault. First one we see are the sappers, which are suicidal units that carry bombs and explode near the wall. It has been semi-confirmed in a recent stream that these are actually goblin sappers, not orcs which makes sense because goblins are useless little shits that everyone hates, except Styx, he's a cool dude.

We can bring mounted cavalry, which are a group of caragor riders, quite useful if any of the enemies have weaknesses towards beasts. Third upgrade this warchief can bring is a group of olog-hais which are able to damage the fortress walls.

Next one can bring a savage host which is a group of axe wielding savages that bring a shock value to the battlefield which means that the enemies are more likely to flee from the battle. The Defender Host are a group of shield bearing heavy infantry that help capture Victory Points faster and the Hunter Host brings a group of Hunters that have jagged spears that greatly damage the beasts. Now imagine having 6 warchiefs of the same type in an assault and you bring 18 groups of Hosts to battle with. The chaos of the massive battle would be magnificent.

The next warchief brings siege beasts, fiery one being the first. We've already seen this one, it hurls boulders on fire towards the enemies. The second type is the poisonous siege beast whose projectiles create toxic clouds. The third type wasn't revealed but the developers mentioned cursed siege beasts in one of the livestreams so I assume the boulders curse the enemies to death or something.

Firing boulders off the siege beast looks pretty awesome and the destruction of the wall seems quite satisfying. Another thing worth mentioning here is that the Might bar shrinks while mounted on the beast and the beast health is right next to Talion's. Focus seems to be missing as well but it is likely just completely depleted and perhaps hitting things with the boulders does not restore Focus.

Mounting a drake seems to toggle the Might bar from half to full size if we stop flying and focus the flame breath. I wonder does this have any significance or I'm just looking into things too much.

The coolest thing by far if you ask me is the independent executions from the allied orcs. We can simply let them fight and enjoy the gruesome murder scenes at the end. This will improve their levels faster and maybe they will like us even more if we let them do the job since some of them will probably want to impress us with their skill.

Before capturing the final point, we see that they renamed one of the traits to Arrow-proof which means we will likely have poison-proof, fire-proof and similar which is a much better way of naming things if you ask me.

Now after capturing all of the victory points, we still need to kill the remaining warchiefs. Only after they are dead, we can enter the Overlord's palace but this is somewhat confusing to me because one of the articles mentioned that if we don't kill the warchiefs, they will follow us inside the palace and fight with the overlord so I assume that we will be able to enter as soon as the victory points are conquered, regardless of the warchief's status.

Another article mentioned that the overlord they faced kept adapting to everything they did which means that some of the enemies will have the trait to adapt to your attacks. We already know all of them adapt over time but it seems as though some of them will do it in real time as well which means that the longer the battle lasts, the more dificult it will become.

The game has been massively expanded and we're getting more proof of that with each new set of news so hopefully E3 will give us something amazing and prepare us for the August launch.

Thanks for watcing and I'll see you next time. I have been Petard your glorious lord and may the blessings of Petardia eternally touch your butt.

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