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Jones kept running out of money so he built the Doom Bus to make some extra cash while rampaging through the commonwealth


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Jones was using his War Machine to cause trouble in the Commonwealth because he got tired of his job but unfortunately, his rampages weren't keeping him monetarily satisfied. He began construction of the Doom Bus, a bus designed for rampage but optimized for money making. It features large spaces both within and without the bus for advertisements and it has a built in butcher shop where Jones can sell all kinds of meat to other survivors.

Sometimes, Jones rents the entire bus to couples that have a romantic dinner near the butchering area. They pay up front and he then kills them because they are dumb motherfuckers. A large amount of meat sold from his butcher shop is human from the naive lovers. This allows him to continue his rampaging both with the bus and the machine, that is used every third day because he must use the bus to pay for the cost of his now incredibly exciting life.

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Save file contains The Dalton Farm and War Machine(partial) builds

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