THE BoS WAR MACHINE - Fallout 4 Mad Max Truck Build - Fallout 4 Craftardia Lite

The greatest of Mad Max trucks in Fallout 4 that I built, because it's the first.



Jones was a member of the elite Brotherhood of Steel assassins back in New Vegas and after many assassinations and boring-ass stalkings, he got tired and annoyed. To get rid of these negative feelings, he concocted a plan to build a truck and go rampage through the wasteland with as much action as his body wanted. He started stealing BoS barricades and settlement items which allowed him to start building the truck. After a while, he was ready to go but in order to go, he needed to desert his base. Doing this marked him as a shoot-on-sight target for life for all Brotherhood of Steel members. After many rampages he ended up in Far Harbor. How did his truck get to Far Harbor? The gods must have a plan...





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