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Frederik's Manor is an ancient house with a history in the future

Jens was a man of great self-importance and architectural skills. His friend Frederik got sick of it and built a house that irritated Jens to no end.



283 years ago, Frederik had an argument with Jens, his neighbor. Jens was convinced his house was by far the greatest creation in the world and that all of his neighbors were an embarrassement to the community. He kept saying this to Frederik, his best friend. Unfortunately, all people sometimes get sick of their best friend's bullshit and this is where Frederik drew the line. He secretly bought a lot near Jens' house and built it while Jens was out of town. Since Jens prefers to stick to the ground, Frederik did the exact opposite, he built a vertical house designed to poke Jens in the face every second of the day. When Jens returned he saw the house and got irritated to the point where he simply went to Frederik's new house and shot Frederik in the face using his time gun. This event caused Frederik to go 1739 years into the past. It took Jens exactly 37 seconds to realize what he did. Since his time gun's functionality depended on the amount of time it used, it became static for 280 years (for every year the time gun sends a person back, it loses its power for roughly 2 months in the present). To deal with the loss of his best friend, Jens decided to isolate and put protection onto the house until the time was right. 

The protection was removed recently and someone redecorated the interiors to prepare the house for sale. Or something else?





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