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Life 2017 Review - Space Monster Kills Space People, Violently

Hey we found life in space, what could go wrong?

Life Movie - Jake Gyllenhaal

It's okay Jake, it's just CGI

Life is a movie that uses the very well known formula when it comes to finding life in space, lots of wonder, confusion, shock, fear and ultimately death. The obvious plot matters very little if the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat, or rather, very deep in it judging by my sister's reaction when we watched it. 

It starts off slow, explaining the plot and aside from the trillions of Dollars in special effects showcasing the rescue of the box that holds the „life“, you get a glimpse of the characters' personalities. Soon after, the „life“ gets confirmed and the shitstorm slowly begins.

After watching the movie, it is pretty clear how the amount of time spent showcasing each ISS member's personal lives relates to the amount of minutes they spend breathing. There's one exception but they're on the main promo poster so I guess they get a pass.

What kinda shocked me is the sheer brutality of this entire storm of poop. Each violent moment is simply the greatest display of ruthlessness I've ever seen in a movie of this type. It is similar to seeing natural disasters destroying everything and everyone, there really is no mercy. At one moment my sister said „Well, that's depressing...“. She literally said that, in English. The display of helplessness as the „life“ just continues roaming through them is portrayed so well, it made me feel uneasy many times.

Jake Gyllenhaal Smiling in Life

I like uneasy

 Usually in these movies, the survivors tend to do stupid shit that gets them killed for no reason, emphasized especially if they're a highly trained and educated member of a space crew. Here those mistakes don't happen. They do make mistakes but they aren't stupid, they're simply wrong choices while under pressure. It is really refreshing seeing characters that aren't complete morons who are able to think rationally without compromising plot progression.

The mid-point did suffer slightly due to the lack of idiotic decisions, at times it was simply boring because the survivors played safe while the „life“ roamed around trying to find food. There was a period of about 15 minutes where nothing happened and there was a lack of suspense necessary in such a situation. Luckily all other aspects of the movie had something – suspense, terror, action.

The audio made the intense scenes much better, both the background music and the effects from the space station, not to mention the sounds the „life“ produced. I do have a complaint regarding the sound at start. The Russian lady is just not understandable at times, I had to read the Croatian subtitles to understand what she was saying. I don't know was it the accent she had or simply bad audio but it definitely bothered me. However, the mystery and wonder regarding the „life“ and its growth kept the start of the movie very good otherwise I'd have to give it a complete negative remark due to the questionable audio.

Now, the „life“. This slimey bastard is the absolute highlight of the movie. The thing grows and becomes an unstoppable force very soon after it receives optimal growth conditions (given by the ISS crew of course). I did mention a lack of idiotic decisions earlier and granted, the decision the crew made to kickstart the entire madness may be seen as idiotic but honestly, it was something anyone in such a position would do, it seems logical and worth trying. Unfortunately it backfired much more heavily than anyone could have expected and as it was later noted by the same person who unleashed the pain, the „life“ simply wanted to survive and it's survival of the fittest, always has been.

Jake Gyllenhaal Wondering What Went Wrong

Are all space windows this clean?

I do have to wonder, would this have been avoided if no violence had happened in the first place. While it was a baby, it didn't seem aggressive or hostile. Only after being attacked did it attack back so perhaps that small decision painted humans as enemies in its eyes and that was game over. Then again, can you really expect a slime, that grows into a monster from your worst nightmares, to be friendly? After watching it all, it seems like it was an inevitable disaster that had to happen. You can't stop and talk to something that grows that quickly... and looks like that.

I'm glad it happened because as I mentioned - the suspense, terror, brutality and realism of this entire catastrophe made it a joy to watch.

The movie ends gloriously. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


Life 2017 Score:



Life on IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5442430/

Is Life in your cinema? Check here - http://www.movietickets.com/movie/mid/229716/n/Life#.WNR3x30zphE


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