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Fallout 4 Ultimate Settlement Building Modlist & Load Order

Fallout 4 Ultimate Settlement Building Modlist

Fallout 4 Ultimate Settlement Building Modlist

While exploring the world of Fallout 4, you can't help but feel like something is missing. Roaming the wasteland, throwing grenades at mutants and stabbing unsuspecting raiders in the neck is an experience that quickly fades away. Constructing watchtowers, houses and managing your farmlands brings you swift boredom and crushes your soul in a matter of minutes. This problem persists for days on end until you finally give in. You enter the tunnel that leads you out of this horrid, cursed place. Various lost and strange beings try to pull you back, telling you to stop, there's more, you need to see more but you do not budge, you carry on towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

As you come closer to the light, a smidge of blackness starts to taint the beautiful sight. The shape of this darkness begins to form as you come closer but the bright light renders you unable to see what it is.

You stop as you realize that the blackness is approaching you. The dark entity comes closer and blocks the light as if it were the eclipse and you hear the following words:

"It is not your time yet. Come, another settlement needs your help."

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Life 2017 Review - Space Monster Kills Space People, Violently

Life 2017 Movie Review

Hey we found life in space, what could go wrong?

Life Movie - Jake Gyllenhaal

It's okay Jake, it's just CGI

Life is a movie that uses the very well known formula when it comes to finding life in space, lots of wonder, confusion, shock, fear and ultimately death. The obvious plot matters very little if the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat, or rather, very deep in it judging by my sister's reaction when we watched it. 

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Human Resource Machine Walkthrough - All Puzzle Solutions

Human Resource Machine Walkthrough Banner

Here's a walkthrough featuring all Human Resource Machine solutions:


1 Mail Room


2 Busy Mail Room


3 Copy Floor


4 Scrambler Handler


6 Rainy Summer


7 Zero Exterminator

8 Tripler Room


9 Zero Preservation Initiative

10 Octoplier Suite


11 Sub Hallway

12 Tetracontiplier


13 Equalization Room

14 Maximization Room

16 Absolute Positivity

17 Exclusive Lounge

19 Countdown

20 Multiplication Workshop

21 Zero Terminated Sum

22 Fibonacci Visitor

23 The Littlest Number

24 Mod Module

25 Cumulative Countdown

26 Small Divide

28 Three Sort

29 Storage Floor

30 String Storage Floor

31 String Reverse

32 Inventory Report

34 Vowel Incinerator

35 Duplicate Removal

36 Alphabetizer

37 Scavenger Chain

38 Digit Exploder

39 Re-Coordinator


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