gifhelloBorn during the Croatian Independence war in 1993, Marin grew up liking Lego and architecture that later developed into games and gaming related activities. Never considered much of this world, he preferred to live in the world of games and various fantasy situations (that do not include tentacles).

Inspired by the Terraria focused video creator Yrimir , Marin decided to start a Youtube channel and test his creative genes near the end of 2011. Before starting Youtube, Marin played Tribal Wars , a game he spent the better part of 2009 and 2010 on. His nickname was PetarPavao there, like the saints (Peter and Paul) but with Croatian names (they were talking about them on TV when he was creating the nickname so naturally that was his nickname choice). After a few months people started calling him Petard because petard in Croatian is a firecracker(petarda) and he easily lost his nerves in discussions so the explosive behavior fit the nickname. For some unknown reason, he decided to stick with the nickname which he does not like very much and now that is his "official" alias as an internet entity. He likes "Petardia" though, that sounds pretty cool.

Due to his initial shy nature and lack of good equipment, he decided to use his channel to practice the English language and his video making and gaming skills.

In the meantime, he took interest in Adobe Photoshop as well as website administration. He is very comfortable creating various images that may or may not look good and maintaining and editing websites (mostly Joomla and CSS). Having worked on a high budgeted chess tournament, he is also capable of professionality and maintenance of e-mail contacts, correspondence and database management.

He is very familiar with social media, search engine optimization, tutoring, marketing and Youtube gaming. He spends a lot of his free time watching sci-fi, mystery and horror movies and shows and likes to drink an energy drink called Crazy Wolf that may be toxic but he doesn't care. 

After using his first youtube channel for practice and tests for several years, he decided to start from scratch. His new channel has become a full time job in December 2015, a year after starting it.

Ultimate goal would be being an important part or owning a larger gaming network in the style of Rooster Teeth or Giant Bomb. Having Petardia be a real and large gaming world would be pretty cool. Plan is to move to Canada first though, being a Youtube gamer in Croatia is like being a mountain goat in the Sahara desert.





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